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Corporate Information Indexer

1.3 Creative started at the end of 2015 as a response to the clear signs that the world is moving into the fourth industrial revolution. This time, it’s digital. Our vision is to help secure a positive outcome for society as it moves through this unprecedented rate of change.

Client passion: 1.3 Creative’s mission is to create an accelerated and inclusive culture of digital innovation for good. We aim to always remain open to change and improvement, as we take our modern digital agency forward into the future.

Client problem: 1.3 Creative is a rapidly growing web design and development agency with a team that is spread throughout 4 countries and 9 cities. Although we use collaborative tools like Google Chat and our Intranet site to organise and share key data, it can be disorientating for the team and their ability to access the right information at the right time. We needed a specific tool, available in our GSuite Organisation that highlighted the specific tools we use as part of our RSA (Recommended Solution Architecture) and key/vital documents. This tool needed to allow each user to define their own specific key/vital documents they wanted access to. Speed and quality were required in order to deliver business value as quickly as possible.

What we delivered: We leveraged the Google Appmaker low code framework to rapidly prototype and build out an application that was fit for purpose for our organisation. We specifically followed design, UI, UX, development and testing best practice at every point in the evolution of the application. Every team member can now access the Indexer app from the 9 dots in their GSuite menus and have access to what the company deems to be the most important artefacts necessary for the efficient running of our business. This was all achieved within record time.

Who was involved:

Elliot Charles
Liam McCabe
Wisdom Benneth

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