Project Description

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Our journey with New Hope DIY

New Hope DIY provides a range of flooring, painting, electrical and refurbishment services, based on modern living and cutting-edge techniques. They pride themselves on delivering outstanding quality and standards for clients across Coventry. 

Client passion: Ignatius is passionate about all things DIY and is committed to constantly improving his skills and talents in order to provide the best service and to complete projects to the best of his ability.

Client problem: Ignatius needed a website that showcases the wide variety of projects for which his business has the expertise. He also required a quick and easy way for clients to get in contact and receive a quick, free quote. Additionally, Ignatius was interested in a mission statement for his website: “I am here and I am ready.”

What we delivered: Web design, graphic design, and maintenance & support.

Who was involved: 

Henri Fourie

Tommy Allen

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